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Venezuela Chinatown

Venezuela Chinatown

Venezuela is also home to one of Latin America’s largest concentrations of ethnic Chinese.The city of Valencia, Carabobo home of the major Chinese community hosts various markets devoted to Chinese culture where can be found from smoked ducks to authentic pottery. A local newspaper is also edited in Chinese. Not less relevant a lively barrio chino can be found on Avenida Principal El Bosque in the El Bosque district of Caracas.

Cantonese is widely spoken among Chinese Venezuelans, especially the variety commonly known as Hoisan or Toisan, but there has been recent Taiwanese immigration, adding to the linguistic and cultural diversity. Chinese from other places of the world also settled in Venezuela, especially from the Philippines, where they were experienced persecution in the 1970s under Ferdinand Marcos, and Cuba, where Fidel Castro’s Communist Revolution seized their businesses. Wikipedia


Beginning Thursday, November 15th. Niu Gu will debut its new later evening “8 Dishes”

The menu, by Chef Jimmy Li with new, exciting dishes will be served from 8:00 pm to midnight 7 days a week and reservations are by text only.

No liquor license. Great tea selection Guests can BYOB. There is a sommelier to handle your wine or tea

To make a reservation, text your full name, the amount in your party and they’ll text you back a confirmation. Text 626-474-1966