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Salina Chinatown Renewal Project

Chinese, Japanese and Filipino groups have lived, worked and assembled in Salinas’ Chinatown since the 1800s.

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Salinas is the county seat and largest municipality of Monterey County, CA. Salinas is located 10 miles east-southeast of the Salinas River, at an elevation of about 52 feet above sea level. Wikipedia
A brief historical timeline 

1865 Central Pacific Railroad recruits Chinese workers to build the transcontinental railroad.
   1872  First Chinatown is established in the vicinity of the N. Main St. Pacific RR tracks, San Juan Road (now N. Main St.) Pajaro Street (now Bridge Street) and Lake Street.

1897  First Japanese farmers and merchants arrive in Salinas.

1920’s Filipino contract laborers begin arriving in Salinas to work in the agricultural fields.

1960’s Homes and businesses in Chinatown are demolished as part of urban renewal.

 1970’s  Chinatown began to deteriorate. Flourishing businesses shut down and wood boarded shut. 

1975  Urban renewal re-routes Market Street. Chinatown becomes a closed enclave. 

1980s The homeless establish themselves on Soledad Street.

Chinatown becomes known more for its destitute safe houses, soup kitchens and drug trafficking and prostitution than for its rich history, abandoned to homeless people and full of vacant storefronts.
Salinas police use a video surveillance system to combat drug trafficking.
  • 2005 Chinatown Neighborhood Summit to discuss the future of Chinatown and  teams up with CSU Monterey Bay to partake in a group rejuvenation exertion
  • 2006 The Community Learning Center, which serves as the hub for the Chinatown Renewal project opens on Soledad Street .
  •   2013 The Asian Cultural Experience is incorporated as a community non-profit organization dedicated to the historic and cultural preservation of Salinas Chinatown. 
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