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Kolkata, India Chinatown

 The Chinatown of Calcutta (Kolkata) goes back to the late eighteenth century when a Chinese trader, Tong Achew settled close to present day Budge Budge.

The Chinatown is partitioned into two parts, Old Chinatown (Tiretta Bazar) and New Chinatown (Tangra). Chinese Breakfast is served in Tiretta Bazar in Central Kolkata each morning. 

Chinatown (Bengali: চায়নাটাউন, কলকাতা), in the eastern part of the city of Kolkata, is the only Chinatown in India.[1] The locality was once home to 20,000 ethnic Chinese Indian nationals; now the population has dropped to approximately 2,000.[2] The traditional occupation of the Chinese Indian community in Kolkata had been working in the nearby tanning industry as well as in Chinese restaurants. The area is still noted for the Chinese restaurants where many people flock to taste traditional Chinese and Indian Chinese cuisine. Wikipedia

Kolkata, India Chinatown
Kolkata Chinatown