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Chinatown Philly: Duck! Ting Wong has reopened in Chinatown

Ting Wong is a duckhouse of its word.

A sign appeared in the window of the Chinatown destination (138 N. 10th St.) on the morning of Oct. 16, saying it was closed for renovations with a reopening of Nov. 1. (Reports from staff initially had suggested a more permanent closing, as management was changing.)
By gum, Ting Wong threw open the doors right on schedule. Ducks are hanging in the window, and the counter is still located up front as workers chop away with their cleavers on ducks and pork. (Yes, it’s an open kitchen.)
Menu is the same, though some prices are about 50 cents more per dish. It’s still one of Chinatown’s best bargains.
Biggest change is the interior, which was scooped out and…….. read more