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Chinatown Manhattan: Why Chinatown Will Continue to Function as a Bus Terminal

Chinatown Bus enforcement is a top priority,” CO Captain Joseph Simonetti of the 7th Precinct acknowledged at this month’s community affairs meeting. His remark was timely given the recent hoopla over the gas-guzzling issue, also a platform priority for the year-old SPaCE block association.
Recall that August 15 was the much-ballyhooed date that the 7th Precinct and Department of Transportation would begin their enforcement of recent regulatory legislation. And the wheels on that proverbial bus are creaky, at best. Enforcement is only now getting underway due to bureaucratic red tape – the new laws required assignment of unique legal codes to the DMV (i.e. violation identifications). That happened a few weeks ago.
Simonetti stresses that his guys (and gals) patrol the bus situation on the regular. They’ve already issued dozens of summonses for permit and parking violations. But only on such infraction, and therefore not enough of a deterrence to curb buses.
Time for another reality check. When it comes to policing and/or regulating the Chinatown bus situation, the calculus is simple. Nobody will really pay attention until or unless fatalities are involved. Shock and awe sells papers (and votes). Nothing new there.
Meanwhile, the Port Authority of New York is apparently well aware of the scattered Chinatown Bus situation, according to…….. read more