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Chinatown Boston: Phantom Gourmet: Shojo In Chinatown

BOSTON (CBS) – The Phantom Gourmet visits a cutting-edge restaurant in Chinatown.
As Dan Andelman tells us, it’s putting an Asian twist on some of your favorite meals.
There’s a food revolution happening in Boston’s Chinatown, and a restaurant named Shojo is leading the way.
“We want to change the image of Chinatown and we want to try to bring a new type of business to Chinatown.”
So owner Brian Moy built a beautiful modern industrial dining room covered in reclaimed wood, and created a menu packed with comfort food classics that have been reimagined with Asian ingredients.
“We take really classic dishes that we put a little bit of a twist to it. We may substitute an ingredient or two with an Asian ingredient that’s very similar in taste, and we put a little spin on it.”
There are dishes like Korean style pork chops, steak frites with kimchi butter and pan seared salmon with crisp Japanese eggplant. And every plate tastes as good as it looks.
“The first thing, once the dishes hit people’s tables is definitely the appearance, people always love the way that the dishes look, it’s an artistic piece in itself.”
To go along with the food is a creative cocktail menu, and a fresh and friendly atmosphere, making Shojo the kind of restaurant where you can enjoy top notch food in a fun and casual environment.
“I really like to go out to nice restaurants, eat goog quality food, but sometimes I don’t want to get all dressed up and dolled up and fancy, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want good food. So that’s what we really tried to create in here is a casual atmosphere, people that appreciate good food and good drinks and want to just have a good time.”
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