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Chinatown in Chinatown / Chinatown in Chicago, Illinois, is located on the south side (in Armor Square) and is the perfect example of the American ethical community. This quarter is the second oldest Chinese settlement in the United States.

Chinatown in Chicago / A bit of history

In an attempt to avoid the anti-Chinese sentiment that prevailed on the west coast, the first Chinese arrived in Chicago in 1869, barely completed the construction of a transcontinental railway. In 1889, 16 Chinese enterprises were formed, including eight grocery stores, two butchers and a restaurant. In 1912, the Chinese living in this area began to move south, thereby expanding their living environment. Some historians say that this was due to rising rental prices.

Others see more complex reasons for this: discrimination, overcrowding, a high level of crime among non-Chinese people and differences between the two communities. Already at the beginning of the 20th century, buildings were built along Kermak Avenue (Cermak Avenue), which later housed 15 stores, 30 apartments, and the headquarters of the On Leong Merchants Association. Even though the design of the buildings was typical for that period, there was still something Chinese in it — for example, the image of dragons on a tile.

In 1920, the Chinese community concluded about fifty ten-year contracts for property in Chinatown, which was just beginning to develop. Due to racial discrimination, such treaties had to be concluded through an intermediary. In the late 1980s, a group of business leaders in Chinatown bought 32 acres (130,000 m2) of property north of Archer Avenue from the Santa Fe Railway and built Chinatown Square Square), a two-level shopping center consisting of restaurants, beauty salons and law offices, and all this is surrounded by twenty new townhouses. Additional buildings included Santa Fe Gardens, a mini-village of 600 townhouses, condominiums and single-family homes, and several more were under construction. Maybe, The most prominent feature of the new quarter was the Ping Tom Memorial Park, which was divided in 1999. Located on the banks of the Chicago River (Chicago River), the park is decorated in the style of the Chinese Pavilion, and many consider it the most beautiful in the Midwest.

Chicago’s Chinatown provides premises for numerous banks, Chinese restaurants, souvenir shops, grocery stores, traditional pharmacies. This place is not only a business center, but also a popular place for tourists and locals.

Chicago’s Chinatown: a good place to have fun, buy a lot of all sorts of things and how to have fun.

In Chinatown, there is something to do, there are sights for the most curious, but some restaurants , shops and shops just have to be on your way.


As we say, “liquor store.” But the products here are more specific: 50 species of Baijiu, rice wine, sake, plus the usual cabernet in California are worth buying. 2105 S. China Pl.


Chinese lanterns, silk clutch bag … Here you can buy any gift. 2221 S. Wentworth Ave.


The popular hairdresser, known as Norris, takes not so much for his services: haircut and styling for men and women – up to $ 35 ,. 2145 S. China Pl.


The last institution of the Chicago restaurateur Tony Hu (Tony Hu). It serves spicy snacks from Sichuan province, generously seasoned with pepper. 2017 S. Wells St.


The first establishment of Tony Hu (Tony Hu), which turns 15 this year, still offers delicious dishes from Sichuan province. On Fridays, the apple has nowhere to fall. Chili chicken alone, however, is worth the wait. 2172 S. Archer Ave.


Delicious buns, pork, dumplings “taro” in deep fat, but the highlight of the program is Peking duck. 2131S. Archer Ave.


Do not deny yourself the pleasure to buy in this bakery an egg cake, savory sesame bagel or any other delicacy usually served in the best cafes in Hong Kong. 158 S. Archer Ave.


The tea shop offers over one hundred varieties of this astringent drink, from everyday black to eclectic: jasmine and green tea on the shelves share a place with chrysanthemum tea. 2247 S. Wentworth Ave.


Marinated chicken legs, dumplings and dim sum, fresh lobsters and crabs are a complete delight. 2217 S. Wentworth Ave.9

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