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There seems to be an endless amount of herbs used by the Chinese and described in the Chinese Materia Medica but only a small fraction of these herbs are readily available for the consumer to find in Chinatown. The following are the best herbs that you can easily find.

 Licorice Root (Gan cao) – This is the most used ingredient in Chinese medicine. It’s found in most formulas because it helps to bring other herbs to their destination safely. Licorice works on eight body systems for a wide range of benefits. It’s an energy tonic, detoxifier, and it’s anti-inflammatory. It stabilizes blood sugar, it’s great for respiratory issues and can be used as a natural cortisone. Licorice is a great all-around herb.

Chinatown Herbs : Licorice Root
You can find Licorice Root in any Chinatown for very cheap

Ginseng (Gao li shen) – Ginseng root increases overall performance in men and women and acts like a tonic to the entire body. It works as an adaptogen, balancing bodily functions. 

Ginseng (Gao li shen) found in every chinatown
In Chinatown, 8 ounces of ginseng sells for between $25 and $75

Reishi (Ling zhi) – This legendary herb has been used for centuries and was once believed to make a person immortal. This mushroom has been a highly prized medicine in China for many years and is used mostly as a tonic for the immune system. It also treats insomnia, sexual dysfunction in men and women, and improve overall health and assimilation of nutrients from other foods. Today, this herb is easy to find in China town.

You can find Reishi (Ling zhi) easily in any chinatown
This herbal mushroom is known to have miraculous health benefits.

 Astragalus (Huang qi) – This herb also has many uses. It works to provide energy, improve digestion, fight toxins, and raise metabolism. It also boosts the immune system and is used for ailments from the common cold to cancer. Now it is a common herb in stores.

Astragalus: Herbs to buy in chinatown
To make astragalus root tea, steep dried roots in hot water for
20 minutes, then strain. Cool, then store in a clean glass jar.

Goji Berry (Ji zi) – Goji berries are an ancient Chinese medicine that is now mostly sold as food. They are a powerful medicine and nutritionally dense. Goji berries help cleanse the blood, Improve sexual function, provide energy, and nourish the liver, spleen, and kidneys. You will want to buy these superfood berries in Chinatown at 1/3 of the price than in health food stores

Buying Goji berries in Chinatown are often 1/3 of the price than in health food stores
 Goji, sometimes called Chinese wolfberries or Lycium berries, are
edible berries that pack a load of nutrition

Ciwujia – Known by many as an anti-aging herb, the Chinese saying goes “Better a handful of Ciwujia than a cartful of gold and jade.” This herb invigorates the body with energy and assists with weight loss. It also works to regulate the central nervous system, endocrine system, cardiovascular system, and is anti-inflammatory. 

Ci Wu Jia traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Ci Wu Jia is acrid, slightly bitter, slightly warm. The channels Ci Wu Jia influences are Spleen, Kidney, Heart.
I traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Ci Wu Jia is acrid, slightly bitter
slightly warm. The channels Ci Wu Jia influences are the Spleen, Kidney, Heart.
Of the many Chinese herbs, these herbs should be easy to find in ChinatownUse the Chinese name when you ask and you will have better results. 

List of Chinatown Herb Stores


Nam Bac Hong, Harrison Ave (617) 426-8227

Chinatown C hicago

Arcane Herb,  Cermak Rd  (312) 225-0024

Bark Lee Tong Cermak Rd  (312) 225-1988

T & T Ginseng, Chinatown Plaza, Spring Mountain Rd, (702) 368-3898
Ginseng Plus, South Jones Blvd (702) 413-7290
Tan De Chinese Herbs, N Hill St Ste N · (213) 626-2886
Tin Bo Co, N Broadway · (213) 680-3395
3000 Years Health Center, N Broadway · (213) 680-1456


Lin sister Herb, Bowery  (212) 962-5417
Kamwo Meridian Herbs, Grand St  (212) 966-6370

Chinese Herb Store, Chatham Square  (212) 608-7809

Long Life Chinese Herbs Inc., Arch St · (215) 625-9302
Herbiary, SEPTA Market (215) 238-9938

NY Tung Ren Tang, Main St. (718) 461-9500

Yat Chau USA, Inc., Main St. (718) 886-0300

Great China Herb Co., Washington St · (415) 982-2195
Hop Hing Ginseng Co, Stockton St · (415) 986-7899

Ellision Enterprise Co, Washington St · (415) 982-3886

Chinatown Seattle

Pacific Herb & Grocery S Weller St  (206) 340-6411
New An Dong S King St # 205 · (206) 624-1684
Gan-Shan Co 7th Ave S · (206) 623-2889

Pao Sheng Herbal Store Avenue Viger O +1 514-879-1898
Herbes De Chine Kim Hue Boul St-Laurent · +1 514-875-9645
The Herb Depot Spadina Ave  +1 416-595-0011
Great China Herbs Centre Dundas St W  +1 416-977-8858
South China Herbs Market Inc Dundas St W  +1 416-596-8527
Beijing Trading Co Ltd E Pender St  +1 604-684-3563
Chinese Herbs Enterprises Ltd E Hastings St  +1 604-682-1113

Hang Fung Herbal Products Inc Gore Avenue +1 604-662-8128


Chinatown UK

Everwell Chinese Medicine 54 – 56 Shaftesbury Avenue, London
Natural Health Newport Court, London
Be Health Chinese Medical Centre Shaftesbury Avenue, London
Everwell Chinese Medicine Little Newport Street, London

Chinatown Italy

Dott. Zhang Jainmin Via Raimondo Montecuccoli, Rome

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