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Chinatown Argentina

Chinatown Argentina is located in the area of barrio of Belgrano in Buenos Aires. Chinatown Argentina, “Barrio Chino” as it’s nicknamed by the locals, consists of over 100 Asian owned businesses and runs longer than 5 blocks. As is common with many Chinatowns or “Barrio Chinos” this Chinatown is more like an Asiantown, as Koreans, Japanese, Vietnamese, Laotian, Thai, Cambodian and other south east Asian nationals are as many, if not more than the Chinese. 

Barrio Chino attracts many visitors to its authentic Chinese restaurants, asian food markets and Buddhist temples such as Tzong Kuan temple, where visitors can take Chinese language or calligraphy lessons, meditate or take Kung Fu or Tai Chi Chaun. Grocery stores are filled with authentic Asian foods, typically not found in non Asian markets found in the City.