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9-Man Is The Undiscovered Street Sport That Has Flourished In Chinatown For Decades

Spend enough time in your city’s Chinatown and you might come across a frenetic game called 9-man.

Resembling street volleyball, 9-man has become much more than a game in the Asian-American community thanks to its rich history and unique rules (nine players on a side, a slightly bigger court, and no rotations). Invented in the 1930s, Chinese immigrants used the game as a way to establish a kind of fraternity in the face of discrimination.

While anyone can play 9-man informally these days, the sport’s championship tournament — the North American Chinese Invitational Volleyball Tournament (NACIVT) — preserves the game’s tradition and culture by ruling that each team have at least six “100 percent Chinese” players. The remaining three are supposed to be of Asian descent.

According to Ursula Liang, the director of a new documentary about the sport entitled “9-Man,”, preserving a sense of community and identity are…….. Read more

In Chinatown For Decades


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