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Much has been said about the Las Vegas Chinatown, but questions such as “Las Vegas has a Chinatown or which Casino is it in, are still too common. But the Las Vegas Chinatown, is amazing. The strip on and around Spring Mountain Rd, from Valley View to Jones Blvd and surrounding area has really grown and offers various dishes from mouthwatering fried pork belly to sophisticated, high-end sushi with traditional Japanese omotenashi service.

1) Yui



Las Vegas Best Sushi, Omakase, Yui, Chinatown Vegas
Omakase tasting – Yui Edomae, Chinatown Vegas
Yui Edomae is for the true sushi purest. Most critics agree, what Gen Mizoguchi is doing in Chinatown Vegas would rank his restaurant in the top 3 in any city from anywhere in the western world. Priced higher than your average sushi joint, but you will need to fly to Tokyo to top or often even rival it. Omakase meals at $120 & $160. Nigiri course $68 per person.

2) Chubby Cattle

Dorper Lamb Hotpot

Dorper Lamb, Las Vegas Chinatown, Chubby Cattle Hot-Pot
Specific bred Dorper Lamb at Chubby Cattle, Chinatown Vegas

You will only need to decide between one of the delicious broths to dunk and cook what may be the best tasting lamb in North America. Chubby Cattle open pasture raise their own breed of dorper sheep on their farm in Texas. The results are milder, tastier, less-gamey lamb, that melts in your mouth. 

Inner Mongolian hotpot is the ancestor to all hotpot.

3) Raku

Agedashi Tofu

Best Tofu - Raku Chinatown, Vegas
Agedashi tofu, Raku, Chinatown Vegas

4) Chada Street

Moo Tod Nom Pla (Fried Pork Belly)

Chada Street - Chinatown, Las Vegas, NV, United States. Moo tod nam pla ($7) - fried pork belly with nam prik noom
Fried pork belly with nam prik noom. Chada Street, Chinatown, Vegas

5) Nakamura Ya

Uni Tomato Cream Pasta

Uni Tomato Cream Pasta at Trattoria Nakamura-Ya

Uni is cooked into the tomato cream then tossed with the spaghetti and finished with saffron.

6) District 1

Live Lobster Pho

Las Vegas Chinatown Top 8
Lobster Pho, District One, Chinatown, Vegas – Photo courtesy of District One

Braised Short Rib
Braised Short Rib at Niu Gu in Chinatown, Vegas
Braised Short Rib at Niu Gu in Chinatown, Vegas


7) Marugame Monzo

Wakame Seaweed Udon
Marugame Monzo, Wakame Seaweed Udon, Chinatown, Vegas
Marugame Monzo, Wakame Seaweed Udon, Chinatown Las Vegas
Enjoy the hand-pulled udon’s perfect chewiness in this light, tasty and savory dashi based fish broth.

8)  Hobak

Premium Pork Jowl

Hobak, Best BBQ, Chinatown, Vegas
Premium Pork Jowl, Hobak, Chinatown, Vegas
Hobak sources only Humanely raised Premium Heritage Pork. They are raised without any antibiotics or hormones.  Your server assists, assuring that all the grilling is done properly on table charcoal grill as delicious banchan arrives and continues throughout the entire meal.

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