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Visiting Nairobi’s new Chinatown

This Chinatown, though currently slightly scattered around this area, is growing – fast. 
This isn’t surprising though. Howard French in his book “China’s Second Continent”, put the number of Chinese that have moved to Africa in the last two decades to over a million. And when the Chinese come and settle, a cluster tends to form where the population becomes increasingly of Chinese origin, as does the business.  

There are at least three major Chinatowns in Africa – though they’re not where you think they might be. The coastal African nations of Madagascar, Mauritius, and South Africa were areas that received a high number of Chinese immigrants from the 1890s to the early part of the 20th century. 
Looking at the Madagascar experience, the Chinese population there is now about 100,000 strong – the third largest on the continent – and the Chinatown in Antananarivo is firmly established. Madagascar’s Chinatown has in fact become a crucial feature of the city, bringing in endless supplies of new goods which were otherwise unavailable. In Johannesburg, South Africa, Chinatown has become a ……..