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8 Cool Things To Do In Chinatown Vegas

8 Cool Things To Do In Chinatown Vegas

Las Vegas has an amazing Chinatown and there are some things that you can do in this Chinatown that you can’t do in others. Located just a few blocks away from the famous Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas Chinatown is bustling.

While you may not find knock-off designer bags or fake Rolex watches for sale, here is a list of things you probably didn’t know you could do in Chinatown Vegas, but should. Or could.

But don’t worry – what happens in Chinatown Vegas, stays in Chinatown Vegas.

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Shoot a Machine Gun


las vegas machine guns











Fantasize about shooting an AK47? Well, you can live out your inner Rambo and do so at Machine Gun Las Vegas. You choose from an array of packages and can fire all types of assault weapons as well as famous weapons from past world wars, Hollywood movies, and your favorite video games. Open from 9 am to 6 pm, 7 days a week.

Machine Gun Vegas

3501 Aldebaran Ave

800 757-4668


Visit Floyd Mayweather’s Gym


mayweather boxing club las vegas chinatown








Check out boxing icon Floyd “Money” Mayweather’s Boxing Gym. Although hidden on a street that is located behind a popular Chinatown strip mall, it’s a popular place for selfies. Visitors to the historic gym often rub elbows or get a glimpse of many of the planet’s most famous athletes and celebrities.  

The Mayweather Boxing Club is not open to the general public but you contact them directly at (616) 337-5481 if you would like more information about training or visiting the facility.

Mayweather Boxing Club 

4020 Schiff Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89103

616 337-5481


Smoke Weed.


dispensary, near strip, chinatown










There are two dispensaries in Vegas Chinatown. Coming from the strip, the first one you’ll see is Cultivate. 

Further West, by Spring Mountain and Decatur, is Blum medical marijuana dispensary, located a few steps south of Spring Mountain in the Decatur Twain Shopping Center

Cultivate Dispensary

3615 Spring Mountain Rd

702 778-1173

marijuana chinatown las vegas
Blum marijuana dispensary











3650 S Decatur Blvd

702 627-2586

9 am – 3 am


Relax with Foot Reflexology or a Full Body Massage



foot refelxology, massage, chinatown















After food, what Chinatown Vegas is best known for are its massage spas. Many of the masseuses have been trained in China. While some places seem shady, most are legit. There are over 50+ foot reflexology and full body massage spas in our Chinatown. There is a great list of them here Chinatown Vegas Massage

Rates start as low as $20 for one hour of foot reflexology. This is basically a full body chair massage, clothes on with emphasis on the feet. There are several other massage spas you can explore




Want some steamed snow crab, pork belly or kimchi fried rice while you Karaoke at 2 am? We understand, who doesn’t.  Chinatown Vegas has your back. With over a dozen Karaoke ( or KTV as it’s called by the Chinese) in Chinatown, there are no shortages of cool spots to get your Celine Dion or  Wang Leehom on. There are Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino Karaoke places to choose from. Our favorite? J Karaoke. A hip, clean place with great Asian food, soju, bottles prices, and service. Open from open from 6 pm to 5 am 7 days a week. Stop by the Golden Tiki for some delish Dole Whip before or after, they’re open 24/7 and don’t even have a lock on the door!

J Karaoke Bar

3899 Spring Mountain Rd

702 586-1142

Open from 6 pm to 5 am



Get a Hyper-Realistic Portrait Tattoo


Schedule an appointment with internationally known tattoo artist Robert Pho, founder of Skin Design Tattoo. This tattoo shop is at the beginning part of Chinatown if you ’re coming from the strip, Spring Mountain Rd/Valley View, and is a destination point for artists and tattoo collectors all over the world.

Skin Design Tattoo

3963 Spring Mountain Rd
702 739-9946


Vent. Smash  & Destroy Everyday Items


Wreck Room Chinatown Vegas
Everyone has wanted to do this at some point, right? Right!?

Described as a theme park for angry adults you choose between a baseball bat or a crowbar as your weapon of choice and indulge in some good ‘ole fashioned, hassle-free smashing.  You wear protective gear that they provide and you get to smash things until your heart’s content.  You will need to have closed-toed shoes to wreck, but you can leave the cleanup to them.

Wreck Room

4090 Schiff Dr

702 405-6407




chinatown las vegas restaurant
Omakase at Yui











Finally, the best thing to do in Chinatown Las Vegas. A foodie’s dream come true. With over 150+ restaurants, including world-class caliber Raku, District 1, Lamaii and non-Asian eateries such as Sparrow & Wolf, Partage, and Mordeo. Watch Xiao Long Bao being made by hand from scratch at ShangHai Taste, then walk to an all-you-can-eat hot pot or a revolving sushi restaurant, culinary wise, Las Vegas Chinatown is second to none. 

Since its beginning, Spring Mountain Rd has been bustling. Local industry folks, as well as celebrity and master chefs, have been dining there for years. Then, the late Anthony Bourdain let the secret out when he featured our Chinatown on CNN’s hit TV series “Parts Unknown”.

Local Food & Beverage professional and Chinatown Report founder Joe Muscaglione is convinced of this. And he is convincing too. In a recent interview, he told Food and Wine Magazine’s Andy Wang

“You don’t have the alleys in Vegas, you don’t have the history of other Chinatowns,” Muscaglione says. “But as far as food, we have the best of any Chinatown in North America, and that includes Vancouver”.  Andy Wang agreed, writing that although it was a bold statement, it was hard to disagree with.

Uber culinary expert and celebrity TV host Andrew Zimmern loves Chinatown Vegas too. During one of his frequent visit, he said if you think that only the strip is the hedonistic paradise, it’s no longer all that Vegas has to offer. “Go check out Spring Mountain Road and its surrounding neighborhood and tell me differently. I dare you”.  he stated confidently.

You can learn about all the Chinatown Vegas Restaurants here.

Well, there you have it. A few cool things to do when visiting our Chinatown. Remember, what happens in Chinatown Vegas, stays in Chinatown Vegas!

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