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Chinatown Vegas is very exciting. It started with just one mall, The Chinatown Plaza, created by Taiwanese-American developer 陳誌誠 Chen Chih-Cheng (James) in the mid 90’s. This model, the first of its kind has been labeled a “Modern” Chinatown and has since been copied in other cities, such as Atlanta, Dallas, North Miami Beach, the California’s San Gabriel Valley to name a few.

Which casino is it in? 
Las Vegas is the most misconceived place on the planet and its Chinatown, most do not even know exists. Las Vegas has a “real” Chinatown? Yes. And an amazing one in fact. 
Las Vegas Chinatown
Chinatown Plaza, Chinatown Vegas Chinatown Report
 Chinatown Las Vegas
Journey to the West of Xuan Zang and the Monkey God Statue
Chinatown, Las Vegas
Las Vegas Chinatown - Chinatown Report
You won’t see buildings built before world war two in an already existing city, converted into Asian shops, but what you will see are buildings and strip malls featuring traditional style Tong Dynasty Architecture. Each mall ​filled with authentic​ Chinese and Pan-Asian restaurants, 
traditional medicine stores and 100’s and 100’s of other Chinese/Asian based businesses. Vegas Chinatown is occasionally referred to as the 
“Asian District” or simply “Spring Mountain” . You won’t see block after block of fake luxury goods being peddled or fresh fish and produce 
on tables outside, but inside the 6+ large Asian supermarkets in Vegas Chinatown, one of the nations largest selections can be found.
Chinatown Vegas begins approximately 1.2 mile west from Las Vegas BLVD (the Strip) and continues 
running west for a little over 2 miles on and around Spring Mountain Rd. 
The main intersections are: Valley View/Spring Mount, Arville/Spring Mountain, Decatur/Spring Mountain, 
Jones/Spring Mountain and Rainbow/Spring Mountain.
Spring Mountain Square Mall
Valley View/Spring Mountain Rd 
Chinatown: Chinatown Las Vegas
From Las Vegas BLVD heading west, the first of several strip malls 
you will see is Spring Mountain Square Mall.
Anchored by a Starbucks, restaurants at the Spring Mountain Square Mall
include Thai restaurant Krung Siam,  featuring an authentic Thai menu 
backed by live music, karaoke, beer & wine, Japanese Tapas hot spot 
Izakaya Go, 24-hour no-frills Vietnamese noodle house Pho Little Saigon
The Center at Spring Mountain
Valley View/Spring Mountain Rd Chinatown Las Vegas
Chinatown Las Vegas –
Direct across the Spring Mountain Square Mall is the Center at Spring Mountain. On the Spring Mountain side are several outstanding restaurants, bars, and shops such as nationally acclaimed Chada Street,  24 hour Pho Kim Long, where there is a wait even at 3 AM. Try crispy garlic pork chops, Pho add meatballs. Doh Sushi & Tapas, a Korean tofu restaurant, Fat Dumpling or take in some tropical cocktails at the exotic, tiki bar-themed hot spot -Golden Tiki. 
Bank Atchawan, 2013 Food and Wine Magazine's Sommelier of the Year is Chef and owner at Chada Steer
Food & Wine Magazine’s 2013 Sommelier of the Year Bank Atcharawan’s Chada Street 
Behind the Center at Spring Mountain, accessible either from Valley View/Mountain or Wynn/Spring Mountain are a row of side streets known as “inside Chinatown” to some locals. Yun Nan Garden, Chinatown Las Vegas Chinatown Report 

"Inside Chinatown" Schiff Rd, Chinatown Las Vegas
“Inside Chinatown” the hard to find Schiff Rd.

Chinatown Vegas –

Chinatown Vegas:
Behind the strip mall “alleys” Chinatown, Vegas

And……Mayweather Boxing Club, owned by legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather

Mayweather Boxing Club, located "Inside Chinatown" - the hard to find alleyway-like Schiff Rd., Chinatown Vegas

Floyd Mayweather’s Mayweather Boxing Club, located “Inside Chinatown” – the hard to find alleyway-like Schiff Rd., Chinatown Vegas

You can check out a cool video of the Mayweather Boxing Club Gym here
Directly across Wynn Rd is where Chinatown Vegas was born – the Chinatown Plaza. 
Chinatown Plaza
Wynn/Spring Mountain Rd 
Las Vegas Chinatown, Chinatown Plaza sign
Chinatown Plaza, Chinatown Vegas – Chinatown Report

The Chinatown Plaza is anchored by Chinese supermarket chain Ranch 99 and features the freshest imported specialty foods, seafood, meats and produce. The plaza also has a Chinese bakery, traditional Chinese medicine and herbalist, Chinese book store, Jade store, beauty salon, foot reflexology and over 12 restaurants such as the southern Chinese style Capital Seafood, Sam Woo BBQ Restaurant, Japanese kushiage specialists Yu Yu, Yunnan restaurant Spicy City, the Four Seasons Diner Taiwanese and Noodle Spot specializing in authentic Taiwanese hand-pulled noodles and dumplings. Spicy beef noodle is a must!

Las Vegas Chinatown
Adjacent to the Chinatown Plaza, on the southeast corner of Arville/Spring Mountain is a two floor strip mall that is packed until the week hour of the morning, 7 days a week Here you will find a rather unassuming two-floor mall with a bustling Karaoke bar, Sushi restaurant, Korean Barbecue, Asian Bakery. Foot reflexology and Ichiza, the late-night hot spot for a variety of traditional Japanese small plates.
Across the street, on the northeast corner is a rather hidden u-shaped mall with several good restaurants, always present food reflexology, massage parlors.
One of the many Asian Strip Mall on
Spring Mountain Rd, the main street of Chinatown Vegas, over 3 miles long.

Chinatown Vegas
Tong Dynasty Architecture seen throughout Chinatown Vegas

Continuing west on Spring Mountain Rd, passing several smaller strip malls and Asian owned business you will reach the

Decatur/Spring Mountain - Asian Super Markets in Las Vegas Chinatown
Thuan Phat Las Vegas Superstore
Anchored by the Thuan Phat Las Vegas Super store, the largest one of several Vegas Asian Markets in Vegas Chinatown. Pho So 1, one of the oldest and most respected Pho houses in Las Vegas
to be continued

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