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G.E.M. Is the ‘Taylor Swift of China.’ Now She Wants to Take Over America

The 24-year-old pop star already has millions of fans. Now she’s trying to crack the Western market.


On the top of a renovated art deco building in downtown Los Angeles, the Chinese pop star G.E.M. (an acronym for “Get Everybody Moving”) holds onto the roof’s railing. Known as the “Taylor Swift of China,” G.E.M. is filming her new new music video “Goodbye” in a remodeled wood-paneled loft before she embarks on her first North American tour. In between takes, she’s stopped to take in the view: everything LA has to offer from palm trees and museums to abandoned movie theatres and tents filled with homeless people. LA’s a city where your American dream crashes and burns or comes true in epic movie story proportions. G.E.M. is hoping for the latter.


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