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Chinatown San Francisco: Chinatown pedestrians scrambling out of harm’s way

Chinatown pedestrians scrambling out of harm’s way

Chinatown advocates are sounding the call over pedestrian deaths in their neighborhood.
Vulnerable elderly pedestrians have died from car collisions in intersections across Chinatown, they say. Now they’re demanding safety measures at the intersection of Kearny and Clay streets, which city pedestrian studies show is among the most dangerous intersections in the neighborhood.
That safety measure the advocates are asking for is called a “pedestrian scramble” — a design whereby pedestrians can diagonally cross an intersection while cars in all four directions stop.
Geen Lee, a 44-year-old software engineer and longtime San Franciscan, says a similar pedestrian scramble on Stockton and Sacramento streets would have saved his mother’s life.
Advocates long asked for a scramble at that intersection, which was only……..


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