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Chinatown Report LA: Chinatown After Dark

As recent as 2010, the Los Angeles Times declared Chinatown LA “a virtual ghost town after dark.” Basically it still is. Unless you know where to go. There has been revitalization of Chinatown.  
Every first Thursday, Chinatown LA has a monthly food tasting program with offerings from Chego, Cognoscenti, Kim Chuy, Qin West, Ramen Champ, Scoops and Thien Huong. Enjoy alfresco dining and free live music.

Chinatown After Dark, Chinatown LA
Los Angeles Chinatown
Broadway, Chinatown LA
Far East Plaza, the pioneering ethnic shopping mall  is home to some of Los Angeles’s hottest dining spots‬.
@howlinrays – Photo by Andrew Cheng