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Chinatown LA: Devils’ Town Art Exhibition Opening This Weekend

Los Angeles is a fragmented metropolis. Since the war of conquest when California was annexed into the United States and the village or pueblo of Los Angeles began its transformation into a city, it began its developmental process through an extreme scattered detachment of people. The 49ers, which were any Gold Rush seekers from all types of the world, came to the region to excavate for riches, the ones with the most skills were the experienced miners from Sonora, Mexico. Prior to the Mexican-American War, most of the Spanish-Mexican families in Los Angeles were from Sonora, and because of its close proximity, the miners traveled quickly into the area to stake out a claim. Today’s Chinatown was once known as “Sonoratown” because of the….. read more

Devils’ Town Art Exhibition Opening This Weekend | Rodrigo Ribera D’Ebre


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