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Chinatown Honolulu: New Chinatown crosswalk an answer for successive jaywalking on Pauahi Street

New Chinatown crosswalk an answer for successive 
jaywalking on Pauahi Street

After waiting nearly 20 years, a crosswalk has been installed to cut down on frequent jaywalking.

The successive jaywalking has lead to numerous fines issued by Honolulu police over the years.

“A lot of elderly live across the street in the high structures and as they come to the marketplace on a daily basis,” said Kalihi resident Lloyd Young, who frequently travels to the Chinatown. “They have to cross the street here to the sidewalk they are just breaking the law, jaywalking, or they would have to walk to the far end down that River Street or all the way up there at Maunakea Street.”

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