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Chinatown Hair Maven Offers Comfort Through Language

Chinatown salon-owner Zhang MeiHuai speaks about the difference between cutting Chinese and Caucasian hair, and about the unique level of comfort she brings her Chinese-speaking clients, thanks to her knowledge of a certain Chinese dialect. By Yanshu Li and Nikita Sampath.

When Zhang MeiHuai came to America in 2002, she had been a hairdresser in her native China for six years. Despite struggling with the difficult language barrier and blah blha, thirteen years later, she’s become something of a hair savior for her Chinatown community here in Boston. Zhang, who also goes by her “American” name Eva, left her southern Chinese home city of Fuzhou to join her siblings here in Boston. “They thought it would be a good idea if I came to the states and set shop in Chinatown,” she said. She started out working at a small shop in Chinatown, then opened her own salon on Harrison Avenue five year ago. She named it Mei Ge, which translates to “beauty” and “qualification,” and attracts a large clientele of Chinese–Zhang said that 6 out of……… 

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