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Atlanta Chinatown



The Atlanta Chinatown is one of the newer, modern style chinatowns. According to Biz Journal, the Atlanta metropolitan area is home to an “… estimated 50,000 Chinese-Americans….” This suburb of Atlanta, Georgia is home to a Chinatown (Chinese: 亚特兰大唐人街; pinyin: yà té lán dà táng rén jiē) that was built in 1988 and is one of the first of the “New Chinatowns” according to the World Journal. Although the city of Atlanta itself does not have a “Chinatown”, Chamblee’s Chinatown mall is referred to as “Atlanta Chinatown.” The neighborhood is part of the Buford Highway international market area and is located near the Chamblee MARTA station and New Peachtree Road. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC), refers to this “Chinatown Mall” as “… Atlanta’s place for Chinese culture.” According to the official website, “Atlanta Chinatown” is located at 5379 New Peachtree Road. According to the Huffington Post, this Chinatown is an example of a “modern Chinatown”, with Albany, Las Vegas, Dallas-Richardson, and North Miami Beach, Florida referenced as similar examples, with regard to the quality of Chinese food. There is an annual Chinese New Year event that is held to celebrate the festival. The author further states that Atlanta’s Chinatown is “… unlike many older cities” which exists in an urban setting. Atlanta’s Chinatown according to her is “… in a strip mall” setting. Bonnie Tsui further states in her book that the new Chinatowns rely on the Chinatown being built before the Chinese population comes as she quoted about Las Vegas’ Chinatown.
The Atlanta Chinatown market open August 8,1988, and was further expanded in 1996 with fresh immigrants from Beijing. According to the previous source, Atlanta’s Chinatown has bakeries, restaurants, cosmetics, bookstores, newspaper and many other Chinese stores. The Chinatown is currently managed by Rochelle Anthony, who is an African American.


According to Biz Journal, Atlanta Chinatown was completely redone in the year 2000 by developer Peter Chang, who purchased the old “Chinatown Square Mall”. The plans call for “…the 65,000-square-foot mall [to include] a Chinese food court which contains 7 vendors, two dine-in restaurants, several offices, a Dinho Supermarket, gift shops, a bookstore, jewelers, a video rental store, a beauty salon and other retailers. It will be part of the International Village project, a 375-acre live and work community with a global theme that is being developed by local business leaders, the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce, DeKalb County and the city of Chamblee.” According to this article, the plans are to make Atlanta Chinatown a tourist destination rather than it just being another shopping mall.Wikipedia