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 Chicago’s Chinatown began in 1878, a few years after riots and discrimination in San Francisco and in Los Angeles forced many Chinese to leave.Originally, the first few hundred Chinese lived near Clark Street between Van Buren and Harrison Streets then later in 1915 the neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago, near Cermak and Wentworth Ave. became what is know as Chinatown Chicago. Chicago’s Chinatown is a perfect example of a US Chinatown or ethnic-Chinese neighborhood you would find in North America.

Places you don’t want to miss are; The two story open mall Chinatown Square, Chinese American Veterans Memorial, located on the corner of Cermak and Archer, church based community center Pui Tak Center The Nine-Dragon Wall, a 15th century reproduction of the 15th-century mural that is in Beijing, as well as numerous noodle, steamed bun and other authentic Chinese and Pan-asian restaurants and stores.

There are a few schools of note in Chinatown, John C. Haines School (興氏學校; 兴氏学校; Xīngshì Xuéxiào; hing1 si6 hok6 haau6) and Phillips Academy High School as well as The Pui Tak Christian School.

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