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Boston Chinatown: Chinatown in name only?

Boston Chinatown: Chinatown in name only?

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Boston’s authentic Chinese restaurants, gift shops, traditional medicine and food stores are disappearing. Not only are shops closing, its Chinese population, steadily decreasing. Residents are moving out. Now less than 48% of Chinatown Boston’s residents are Chinese or of Asian descent.

Boston’s Chinatown, the third-largest Chinatown in the nation, is now past the highest risk stage of gentrification. A combination of urban renewal, garbage, the shortage of housing, crime and safety contribute to this problem. Representatives from the City of Boston met recently to discuss these prevalent problems. 

“Of the dozens of photos customers have posted on Yelp for Maxim’s Coffee House in Chinatown, the last, posted on Sept. 3, is not of sticky rice rolls or of mochi or of any of the other sweets the bakery was known for, but of a sign that reads, “Loss of Lease. Closed after 33 years,” and with the photo, a caption: “A sickening trend continues.” Read More

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