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Chinatown is more than just a section of town. It is a destination, a place of culture and cuisine; a home. There are people that seek them out before they even check into their hotel.  With the world getting smaller and smaller every day, the Chinatowns are getting bigger and bigger.

Maybe you are spending your Christmas eating Chinese like in A Christmas Story.  Maybe you just need to get your dim sum fix.  As Uncle Chu says in Big Trouble in Little China, “China is here, Mr. Burton.”  And indeed it is and here is proof of just a few of the many Chinatowns that exist today…….. Read more


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Beginning Thursday, November 15th. Niu Gu will debut its new later evening “8 Dishes”

The menu, by Chef Jimmy Li with new, exciting dishes will be served from 8:00 pm to midnight 7 days a week and reservations are by text only.

No liquor license. Great tea selection Guests can BYOB. There is a sommelier to handle your wine or tea

To make a reservation, text your full name, the amount in your party and they’ll text you back a confirmation. Text 626-474-1966