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Asians will surpass Hispanics as largest immigrant group in US

Chinese American spectators wave the US and Hong Kong banners as they watch a celebratory parade through Chinatown in New York. Photo: AFP

HOUSTON — A Pew Research study shows the Asian population is on track to be the largest immigrant group, outnumbering Hispanics in the US for the first time.

The Pew Research Center conducted a comprehensive study that shows the steady rise of the Asian population will change the nation’s landscape in more ways than one.
By 2065, Asians will make up 38 per cent of the nation’s immigrant population while Hispanic numbers will have fallen by nearly half down to 31 per cent. The city of Houston, a cultural melting pot in Texas, gives Americans a glimpse into the country’s changing future.

“In 50 years the growing Asian population is expected to change the face of America.”  CHANNEL NEWS ASIA

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